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Below is our recommended list of essential blues stuff from deep in the Delta. We also stock thousands of other CDs plus DVDs, LPs, books, magazines, T-shirts, caps, glasses and artwork in store.  (Call 662-624-5992 during regular business hours if you have questions or special orders.  Please email


  1. Hidden History of Mississippi Blues book (The History Press) SIGNED by Roger Stolle reviewed by Graham Clarke: “For nearly ten years, Roger Stolle has had a birds-eye view of the Mississippi Blues scene from his Cat Head Blues & Folk Art Store in Clarksdale, MS. Visitors to the area consider him the ‘go-to guy’ as far as information on the local blues scene. What Roger Stolle has accomplished with Hidden History of Mississippi Blues is to produce a concise, but comprehensive history of the music that played a vital role in the development of nearly all other forms of American music. It’s a book that will appeal both to newcomers to the blues and to the grizzled veterans who think they’ve seen and read it all. This book is absolutely essential reading for any blues fan.” Preface by Jeff Konkel (Broke & Hungry Records). Photography by Lou Bopp.  $19.99 plus s/h U.S. (domestic order); INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS please email to get shipping cost for this book; thank you.  ADD TO CART

  1. Blues Traveling book by Steve Cheseborough (U Press of MS) - The first true blues guide book to Mississippi’s holy sites of the blues — graves, clubs, museums, historical sites and so much more (including Cat Head!). Now in its third, updated edition with Delta bluesman T-Model Ford on the cover. Also reads well as “just a blues history book.” $22 plus s/h U.S. (domestic order); INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS please email to get shipping cost for this book; thank you.  ADD TO CART

  2. Memphis & the Delta Blues Trail book by Justin & Melissa Gage (WW Norton) - The newest, most up-to-date guide book to (as it says in the title) Memphis & the Delta Blues Trail. An essential travel guide for those traveling the blues highway from Memphis into Mississippi or vice-versa... in search of the obvious and not-so-obvious sites — museums, clubs, history markers, stores and so much more (including Cat Head). $19.99 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART

  3. Mississippi: State of Blues book SIGNED by photographer Ken Murphy. (Proteus Publishing) - The greatest blues coffee table book in years if not decades. This beautifully printed, full-color, hard-cover book features Murphy’s two-year odyssey through Mississippi blues festivals, clubs, juke joints and more — capturing the best of the current blues scene in the Magnolia State. Barretta provided the guidance for the odyssey as well as the commentary/text for the book. $59.95 plus s/h U.S. (domestic order); INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS please email to get shipping cost for this book; thank you.  ADD TO CART
  4. Deep Blues book by Robert Palmer - Palmer — the music critic not the rock star — wrote this essential blues primer years ago, but it is just as important and entertaining a work now as it was then. Follows blues from its origins in Mississippi’s steamy cotton fields all the way up to the big city and the music’s electrification. Includes some nice sections on Clarksdale history, by the way. Recommended. $16 plus s/h U.S. (domestic order); INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS please email to get shipping cost for this book; thank you.  ADD TO CART

  1. Give My Poor Heart Ease book with DVD & CD by William Ferris - A loving, hard-cover tribute to the blues/gospel culture and personalities that Ferris knew from his 1960s and 70s in Mississippi. B.B. King may grace the cover, but its the less mainstream characters that make this book (and its fantastic accompanying DVD and CD) such a must-have. Among others, Ferris spent a lot of time with bluesman/folk artist James “Son” Thomas — documenting his experiences along the way. $36.95 plus s/h U.S. (domestic order); INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS please email to get shipping cost for this book; thank you.  ADD TO CART

  1. Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country book with CD by R. Crumb ( ) - This little, hard-cover book collects R. Crumb's "Heroes of the Blues," "Early Jazz Greats" and "Pioneers of Country Music" trading card art between its two covers. Includes text by Stephen Calt and David Jasen — plus a CD of old-time music selected by Crumb, himself. It’s a terrific, highly “giftable” package for a wonderfully affordable price. $21.95 plus s/h U.S. (domestic order); INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS please email to get shipping cost for this book; thank you.  ADD TO CART

  1. Most Southern Place on Earth book by James C. Cobb ( ) - “The work is best as a clear-thinking and sensitive history of racial and worker exploitation and as an argument that such exploitation has not been a great exception to the rest of American history but a particularly vivid culmination of it.” - Ted Ownby, University of Mississippi. A study that helps explain why Delta blues came from the Delta. $19.99 plus s/h U.S. (domestic order); INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS please email to get shipping cost for this book; thank you.  ADD TO CART



  1. M for Mississippi: Music from the Motion Picture CD (2008 - Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art/Broke & Hungry Records) - Original CD soundtrack released with the award-winning film of the same name. A truly essential overview “best of” disc that captures Mississippi’s surviving, juke joint bluesmen — including T-Model Ford, Duck Holmes, L.C. Ulmer, R.L. Boyce, Pat Thomas, Wesley Jefferson and more. $15 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART
  2. M for Mississippi: MORE Music from the Motion Picture CD (2009 - Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art/Broke & Hungry Records) - Yep. If you saw the movie, then you know we had way too much awesome Mississippi blues music to fit on one single soundtrack CD. So, this is the followup disc. It ain’t just leftovers or filler, though. It kicks butt on its own and includes “the song that Chuck Berry didn’t want you to hear.” Tracks by Bilbo Walker, The Mississippi Marvel, Miss Gladys and more. $15 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART
  3. Big George Brock - Round Two CD (2006 - Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art) - Then 74-years-old, Brock welcomed Howlin’ Wolf’s guitarist Hubert Sumlin and other Magnolia State natives into a Mississippi recording studio for an amazing session of brand-new, heartfelt numbers plus a few choice chestnuts. Includes instant classics such as “No No Baby” and “Mr. Walmart.” Round Two led to three Blues Music Award nominations. $15 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART
  4. Big George Brock - Live at Seventy Five CD (2007 - Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art) - Recorded in front of a standing-room only crowd at world-famous Ground Zero Blues Club, Brock wore out his band and kept the audience dancing till management finally yelled “last call.” (Brock’s first set that night was over 2 hours.) Includes his best-known numbers — such as “M for Mississippi” and “Call Me a Lover” — as well as classics by the legends he played with back in day. Blues Music Award nominee. $15 plus s/h. OUT OF PRINT
  5. Various Artists - Mistakes Were Made: Five Years of Raw Blues, Damaged Livers & Questionable Business Decisions 2-CD set (2011 - Broke & Hungry Records) - The title is “truth in advertising,” for sure! Somehow, Broke & Hungry Records has managed to survive its first five years despite crazy musicians, missed gigs, a sick record industry and a generally horrible economy. (Ok, mostly, owner Jeff Konkel has just sunk money into something he loves!) Amazing 2-disc overview of modern juke joint blues includes many of the greatest (mostly still) living bluesmen North Mississippi has to offer — Wesley Jefferson, Duck Holmes, Pat Thomas, T-Model Ford, Odell Harris, The Mississippi Marvel, Bill Abel and others. Truly an essential set of half previously released and half not... for newbies and long-time blues fans alike. Cool liner notes, too. And only $20 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART
  6. Jimmy “Duck” Holmes - Back to Bentonia deluxe reissue CD (2011 - Broke & Hungry Records) - Hard to believe that it’s been over 5 years now since B&H chief Jeff Konkel sat in Bentonia, Mississippi’s wood-stove-warmed Blue Front juke joint recording Duck’s debut release. But here it is — better than ever — with new liner notes, previously unpublished photos and extra bonus tracks. Haunting. $15 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART
  7. Jimmy “Duck” Holmes - Done Got Tired of Tryin’ CD (2007 - Broke & Hungry Records) - Duck’s follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Back to Bentonia debut. Even more Bentonia blues with Duck’s own unique twist. Another instant classic. $15 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART

  1. Jimmy “Duck” Holmes - Ain’t It Lonesome CD (2010 - Broke & Hungry Records) - More upbeat at times and original than his previous outings. Could easily be considered Duck Holmes’ best album yet. The confidence in his songwriting and guitar work are inspiring. It’s no wonder so many blues festival’s continue to seek him out for gigs. $15 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART
  2. Odell Harris - Searching for Odell Harris CD (2006 - Broke & Hungry Records) - The raucous opening track “Train I Ride” alone is worth the price of admission. Crazy but cool all-night recording session made all the more amazing by the fact that Odell has been “missing” ever since! (He ain’t really looking to be found.) Incredible vibe; fun liner notes; sidemen include Lightnin’ Malcolm and Bill Abel. $15 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART
  3. The Mississippi Marvel - The World Must Never Know! CD (2007 - Broke & Hungry Records) - Hey, why not record a blues guy who’s name and image you can’t use... and will never be able to tour in support of the release? B&H chief Konkel said, “yes.” Marvel is a deacon and gospel musician in his small, country church located in Somewhere, Mississippi. The blues is still the Devil’s Music down here. ‘Nuff said. $15 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART
  4. Wesley “Junebug” Jefferson & Terry “Big T” Williams - Meet Me in the Cotton Field CD (2007 - Broke & Hungry Records) - The late Clarksdale blues icon Wesley “Junebug” Jefferson used to own his own juke and led his own blues band for decades. Big T often played in Jefferson’s revue as well as with the late Big Jack Johnson. Meet Me in the Cotton Field captures a moment in time when the old blues was still knocking on the door even as more contemporary sounds were evolving inside. One of the decade’s essential down in the Delta releases. Mix of acapella, duo and band. $15 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART
  5. Pat Thomas - His Father’s Son CD (2008 - Broke & Hungry Records) - Pat Thomas is the son of the legendary James “Son” Thomas of Leland, Mississippi. He’s the only of the 13 children to pick up his father’s music and folk art styling. Physically, Pat is a dead ringer for his father, and his music and artwork follow suit. Sweet, sweet release that highlights Pat’s smiling voice even as he sings about the good, the bad and the ugly. $15 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART
  6. James “T-Model” Ford - She Ain’t None of Your’n CD (2000 - Fat Possum) - The now-91-year-old, self-described “ladies man” and “taledragger” from Greeeeennvillle, Mississippiii is in top form on this decade old classic of the deep blues genre. “She asked me / so I told here / and that is why / that I am here.” (Maybe that’s why he’s now on his 6th wife?!?) $16 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART

  1. Robert “Wolfman” Belfour - Pushing My Luck CD (2003 - Fat Possum Records) - Red Banks, Mississippi-born hill country blues favorite and a regular at Clarksdale’s Red’s Lounge juke joint. An instant classic in the same subgenre as legends RL Burnside and Junior Kimbrough. Not an imitator, though. He’s the absolute real-deal! $16 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART

  1. Jelly Roll Kings - Off Yonder Wall CD (1997 - Fat Possum) - Clarksdale, Mississippi meets Helena, Arkansas... and rocks the juke joint to its foundation! Big Jack Johnson is the perhaps the biggest star here, but Frank Frost and legendary drummer Sam Carr are heroes as well on this essential modern day Delta blues recording. “Have mercy baby...” $16 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART

  1. R.L. Burnside - Too Bad Jim CD (1994 - Fat Possum) - This is how R.L. sounded when Fat Possum Records first caught up with him — still sounding like a country bluesman but electrified with a local band. Classic versions of “Old Black Mattie,” “Peaches,” “Shake ‘Em on Down” and more — backed by Kenny Brown, Calvin Jackson and Duwayne Burnside at various times. $16 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART

  1. R.L. Burnside - First Recordings CD (2003 - Fat Possum) - This is the way it all started. Field recordings immortalized by George Mitchell in 1968. Solo, acoustic R.L. recorded at the height of his powers... in the evenings after a hard day of field work near near Coldwater, Mississippi. Original versions of “Goin’ Down South,” “Long Haired Doney,” “Skinny Woman” and more. $16 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART

  1. Junior Kimbrough - Most Things Haven’t Worked Out CD (1997 - Fat Possum) - While the title may be true, this album is one thing that definitely worked out! Deep, hypnotic blues from North Mississippi. Recorded (mostly) with his band at his juke joint (the same one described in Hidden History of Mississippi Blues book). Unforgettable. $16 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART


  1. M for Mississippi: A Road Trip through the Birthplace of the Blues DVD (2008 - Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art/Broke & Hungry Records) - Award-winning Mississippi blues road-trip movie with a dozen of real-deal blues guys; music/interviews/craziness.  90+ minutes plus bonus material, closed captioning and Italian subtitles.  DVD plays all regions worldwide.  (CD soundtracks above.)  $20 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART

View film trailer at bottom of this web page.*

  1. Hard Times: The Blues Story of Big George Brock DVD (2006 - Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art) - Archetypal story of a Mississippi Delta bluesman who left the cotton fields of the deep South for the bright lights of the big city.  Bluesman, boxer, club owner and father of 42 kids — Big George Brock.  Performances/interviews filmed in St. Louis, MO, and Clarksdale, MS.  60+ minutes plus bonus material.  Produced/directed by Damien Blaylock & Roger Stolle.  $15 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART

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  1. Deep Blues: A Musical Pilgrimage to the Crossroads DVD (1991 - Robert Mugge film) - I first saw this in a Yellow Springs, Ohio, art theater in 1991. It is a classic that captures the North Mississippi blues scene circa 1990 — including Clarksdale, Holly Springs area, Greenville and even down to Bentonia. Performers include Jr. Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside, Big Jack Johnson, Booba Barnes, Jack Owens, Jessie Mae Hemphill and others. Bonus material as well. Narrated by late music critic Robert Palmer.  $20 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART

  1. You See Me Laughin’: The Last of the Hill Country Bluesmen DVD (2003 - Fat Possum Records) - During the 1990s, Fat Possum was darn near the only label recording real-deal Mississippi blues. This documentary provides a bio of the label as well as an audio-visual overview of its wonderful artists — such as Asie Payton, T-Model Ford, R.L. Burnside and Jr. Kimbrough. $20 plus s/h.  ADD TO CART

  1. We Juke Up In Here: Mississippi’s Juke Joint Culture at the Crossroads DVD/CD set (now available... from Cat Head and Broke & Hungry Records) - View preview trailer and BUY TODAY at official web site,

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RECOMMENDED BLUES GIFTS (please call or email to order.):

  1. “Cat Head/Clarksdale, Mississippi” full-size beverage glass, $5 plus s/h.

  2. “Cat Head/Clarksdale, Mississippi” collectible shot glass, $5 plus s/h.

  3. “Cat Head/Clarksdale, Mississippi” 2-sided mug, $9 plus s/h.

  4. “Cat Head” logo coaster (a.k.a. mini mousepad), $3 plus s/h.

  5. “Cat Head” logo bumper sticker, $1 plus s/h.

  6. “Cat Head” button pin, .75c plus s/h.

  7. “Cat Head” can koozie/huggie, $5 plus s/h.

  8. “Cat Head/Clarksdale, Mississippi” pearl white guitar pick, $1 plus s/h.

  9. “Cat Head” small square magnet, $2 plus s/h.

SHIRTS AND CAPS (email to confirm sizes/colors):


  1. Our biggest seller - “Cat Head/Crossroads” short sleeve T-shirt by Grego. Yellow, blue, or black — usually sizes S-XXL. Size/color availability varies, so email first to ensure your size/color is available. $22 plus s/h.

  1. “Cat Head” logo cap — most with “Clarksdale, Mississippi” on back. Colors/styles vary. Email for current selection. $22 plus s/h.


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1. M For Mississippi: A Roadtrip through the birthplace of the Blues (two previews).
We Juke Up In Here: Mississippi Juke Joint Culture at the Crossroads (two previews).