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Chapter VII: All Men Are Liars Compilation LP. NOT YOUR DADDY OR MAMA'S BLUES ALBUM! Killer, kinda punky at times, unforgettable Mississippi blues and beyond from the late 1990s... on vinyl, no less. Honestly, pretty d*** kick***!

1. Cedell Davis – Keep On Snatchin’ It Back
2. Bob Log III – All The Rockets Go Bang
3. Johnny Farmer – Ocean Blues
4. 20 Miles – East St. Louis
5. Junior Kimbrough – You’re Gonna Find Your Mistake
6. T-Model Ford – To The Left To The Right
7. The Neckbones – You Can’t Touch Her
8. Paul Jones – Rob & Steal
9. Elmo Williams – Hoopin’ & Hollerin’
10. Hasil Adkins – Things Are Movin’ Way Too Fast
11. Robert Cage – Get Out Of Here
12. R. L. Burnside – It’s Bad You Know

Chapter VII (Fat Possum) LPs

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