Holy crap!!! Don't let the acoustic 12-string guitar on the cover fool you... With blues like this, who needs rock 'n roll?! Wolf's greatest songs, sessions and sidemen... this two-record set combines two classic albums and adds some extras. You really, really need this, y'all!


Read 'em and weep:

A1     Shake For Me     
A2     The Red Rooster     
A3     You'll Be Mine     
A4     Who's Been Talkin'
A5     Wang-Dang Doodle     
A6     Little Baby     
A7     Spoonful     
A8     Going Down Slow
A9     Down In The Bottom     
B1     Back Door Man     
B2     Howlin' For My Baby     
B3     Tell Me
B4     Howlin' Wolf Boogie     
B5     Mr. Highway Man     
B6     I'm The Wolf     
B7     Rockin' Daddy     
B8     Who Will Be Next     
B9     The Natchez Burning     
    Moanin' In The Moonlight
C1     Moanin' At Midnight     
C2     How Many More Years     
C3     Smokestack Lightnin'     
C4     Baby, How Long     
C5     No Place To Go     
C6     All Night Boogie     
C7     Evil     
C8     I'm Leavin' You     
C9     Moanin' For My Baby     
D1     I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)     
D2     Forty-Four     
D3     Somebody In My Home     
D4     Sitting On Top Of The World     
D5     I Better Go Now     
D6     Howlin' For My Darling     
D7     I've Been Abused     
D8     Just Like I Treat You     
D9     I Ain't Superstitious

Howlin' Wolf "Moanin'..." 2-LP set