A brash New Yorker lands in the Mississippi Delta, discovering a strange culture, exotic food, confusing language, and the meaning of life.

“We’re hiding you in Clarksdale, Mississippi.”

Those words stunned Anthony Hugo, a high-priced New York lawyer whose only client was involved in organized crime. He had loved his life, his cars, his penthouse, and his career. Then came the FBI, threatening prison but offering the Witness Protection Program. Anthony expected a tropical island, but he got Mississippi.

Clarksdale stands as the birthplace of American music and the crown jewel of the mysterious Mississippi Delta. Anthony’s journey produces plenty of laughs, dangerous suspense, and ultimately a life-changing awareness.

CAT HEAD NOTE: My fellow Clarksdale "transplants" of the  past 20 years and I have long joked that some of us may have actually arrived via the Witness Protection Program. (Uh... not me, of course.) - Roger Stolle

"I Died and Went to Mississippi" by Tom Ward (fiction) - signed!