Yup... Ms. Jessie Mae  Hemphill was (as John Lee Hooker might say) "baaad like Jesse James!" Known for her stone-cold pistol and little yappy dog as much as her Hill Country blues prowse, she was the real deal... and this record is her best. Highly recommended.


A1     Feelin' Good     
A2     Go Back To Your Used To Be     
A3     Streamline Train     
A4     Baby, Please Don't Go     
A5     Tell Me You Love Me     
A6     Shake It, Baby     
B1     My Daddy's Blues     
B2     Brokenhearted Blues     
B3     Rolling And Tumbling     
B4     Eagle Bird     
B5     Cowgirl Blues     
B6     Lord, Help The Poor And Needy

Jessie Mae Hemphill "Feelin' Good" LP