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Plenty of folks start their first blues pilgrimage in Memphis before taking the deep dive into the Magnolia State, so this book makes perfect sense in its content. It also provides an excellent written guide in the sometimes sketchy wifi/cellphone-connection areas of the rural Delta and Hill Country regions as you drive around. Recommended.

This innovative guide will lead you through the birthplace of the blues, covering the world-famous attractions, historic sites, funky shops, and gold record legacies of Memphis and the surrounding Mississippi Delta. With a strong focus on modern-day arts and music enclaves, as well as the storied sites where the blues got their start; hundreds of top-notch dining, lodging, and recreational recommendations; over one hundred illuminating photos and maps; and travel logistics, this is the most comprehensive guide to the region to-date. 100 black-and-white photographs and maps.


Countryman Press

"Memphis & Delta Blues Trail" book

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