NEW DVD RELEASE—in-stock and ready to ship! 50 years in the making, the 1971 Southern blues journey by Ted Reed and Tim Treadway has finally arrived on DVD (plus look for the CD and vinyl LP soundtrack elsewhere on this website). Filmed from Memphis through Clarksdale then and again 50 years later, Blues Trail Revisited is an important document of a past blues era and an invitation to come experience today's contemporary Mississippi blues exponents—in Clarksdale, Mississippi. See trailer here:


When Grammy- and Emmy-award winning documentary filmmaker Ted Reed was moving his office, he uncovered his 16mm black and white film “Thinking Out Loud”, shot in 1971. Filmed with his friend Tim Treadway, the two traveled from Boston through Memphis and Clarksdale to find and record some of the last living blues legends. “Thinking Out Loud” was seen at festivals, and then stored away. Fast forward fifty years has led to the compilation of then and now in his new film, “The Blues Trail Revisited.”

“The film puts you in the passenger seat right next to the filmmaker rounding the bend on a 50 year old odyssey: to excavate the last living blues legends and his own youthful filmmaking past. Reed once again rattles back through time and the deep south, brushing the dust off the towns, tunes, and sweat-soaked juke joints where the blues bloomed– and still do. The movie is a sweet sad song of praise for those unsung, who wove their troubles and dreams into the original fabric of American music.”
– Joyce Kulhawik, Arts & Entertainment Critic

“A story of blues friends, fans and follow through, Ted Reed’s remarkable BLUES TRAIL REVISITED spans 50 years—tying together past Southern blues traditions with those of the present day and perhaps even the future.”
– Roger Stolle, Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art

“The memories that this film brought back were outstanding and made me want to go back and discover some of the places that I missed…This movie will also make anyone that is not into the Blues or Mississippi change their mind.”
– Paul Benjamin, North Atlantic Blues Festival

“The Blues Trail Revisited” showcases the new respect for the cultural value of a musical form that had been all but ignored in the south a half-century ago. Now, rock fans, mostly white, from all the world, raised on music adopted from rural black communities, are flocking to that well-spring in record numbers. Museums and historic markers have sprung up to guide a growing caravan of international tourists. Venues from roadside Juke Joints to new concert halls offer musicians, both veterans and young performers, places to perform almost every night of the week.

Revealing interviews with authors, historians and hospitality entrepreneurs, musicians, state officials, and more, detail significant changes from the 1970s to present day.


Ted has been producing, directing, writing, and shooting films and television since the 1970s. Creating documentaries, commercials, animated features, and broadcast and streaming series. His storytelling expertise has led to award-winning shows about gender equality, the future of communications technology, immigration, national parks, West Indian music, space tourism, assisted suicide, Jewish innovators, and handgun violence. He is the recipient of multiple awards.

During his career he partnered with the MIT team who pioneered internet streaming video technology, produced New England’s first local all-digital TV broadcast and pioneered the use of interactive video for large business meetings.

Ted has taught and lectured at Harvard University, Tufts University, Boston University, Endicott College and the Boston Film and Video Foundation. He has brought filmmaking courses to elementary schools, community groups and retirement homes, and continues to run film, photography and music workshops at his office in Gloucester, MA.

Writer / Director / Producer
Ted Reed
Director of Photography
Craig Kimberley

Additional Photography
Ted Reed
Nolan Dean
Roger Ward

Ted Reed
Craig Kimberley
Additional Editing
Jenna LaBrecque

Kevin Brown, Steve Azar, Roger Murrah, Corey Harris, Dan Whalen
Hero4Hire Creative
Sound Design