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HARD TO FIND! A decade or more back, my buddy/co-producer Jeff Konkel (Broke & Hungry Records) created our film follow-up to the (dare I say?) award-winning "M for Mississippi" DVD. We called it "We Juke Up in Here!" It captured something like the last of the juke joint parties in the Land Where Blues Began. Officially, it was only released as a two-piece DVD/CD set and is now way out of print. "BUT"... we also ran off some promo copies of the CD soundtrack for a blues-themed marathon. I still have some of the "overs," so buy 'em while you can. The soundtrack is KILLER!!! Deep blues musicians from Gearshifter to Lil Poochie, from Big George Brock to Terry "Harmonica" Bean bring it on home to y'all.


(Note: This is 1 CD. Front and back are shown in pic.)

"We Juke Up in Here!" CD