Cat Head is named after three things (in reverse order): "cat head biscuits" (a Southern biscuit the size of a cat's head), animal-themed blues record labels (Alligator, Fat Possum, Rooster, etc.) and the "cat head" drawings of Leland, Mississippi, bluesman/folk artist Pat Thomas.

Cat Head's Stolle can't remember tourists' names but always greets them with a smile.

Cat Head owner's excellent blues book (and rather average hand). History Press/Arcadia.

"Cat Head store. Well, according to the GPS, this is the center of the Blues Universe."

Cat Head beverage glasses. Field tested many bluesy nights. You know, for quality control.

"It's like the 1990s in here!" No worries, the Cat Head has records... er... "vinyls," too.

The sign says all you need to know. But ask the guy at the counter something anyway.

1960s advertising "Mad Man"? Nope. Cat Head founder in corporate marketing pose. Yup. We had photo IDs. Just like the FBI.

Customer service issue? "Talk to the pug." Miss Sadie is super helpful. Until she's not.

A shrine to the owner's thriftiness (above).

94 minutes of my buddy Jeff and me being amazed by a dozen real-deal bluesmen on a road-trip through North Mississippi,

My Broke & Hungry Records buddy Jeff Konkel and I hung with the coolest of the cool on a road-trip to show y'all some juke joints and live blues,

We can't promise to make you look as super-cool as bluesman-turned-hat-model Mr. Leo, but our hats are pretty darn hip.

We're somewhere under that red star. (No. Putin didn't hack Mississippi. That would require reliable internet.)


252 Delta Avenue

Clarksdale, MS 38614

662-624-5992 • Visit Mon-Sat 11am-4pm (starting 6/1/20). OR PLEASE SHOP OUR WEB STORE (above). Thanks, Roger




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