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Raised on a cotton plantation near Clarksdale, Mississippi, bluesman Big George Brock landed in St. Louis around 1960. While in the Delta, Big George plowed with a mule named Ida (which he often sang to... to make her work harder), boxed (and even wrestled a bear and won) and, of course, played the blues. In the big city, he boxed as well (even fighting Sonny Liston at one point), sat in with a who's who of musicians (from Albert King to Muddy Waters) and owned multiple blues clubs (including the infamous Club Caravan where his wife was murdered). In modern times, he's found himself returning more and more to Clarksdale and the Mississippi Delta to play his blues "back home." Filmed by Damien Blaylock and produced by yours truly on location in Missouri and Mississippi, Hard Times tells the archetypical story of Delta blues gone North. Oh, and did I mention it's an award winner? - Roger Stolle, Cat Head


"****" - Mojo magazine. "Cat Head has now delivered the almost ultimate experience to all lovers of downhome electric blues. Highly recommended. Rating 10 ." - Blues In Britain.

Big George Brock: Hard Times DVD doc

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