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Yes, we're now in the "digital age," but if we're being honest here, sometimes the more rural areas of the North Mississippi Hill Country and the Mississippi Delta don't know it yet. (In other words, depending on your cell phone provider, your smart phone may fail you when you're trying to find Robert Johnson's grave or Dockery Plantation.) It's great to have a blues-specific tour guide to our region that works regardless of cell reception or dead batteries. Cheseborough's recently updated fourth edition is truly a travel essential for serious blues travelors. Recommended as a "history book" to read before and after your visit as well. - Roger Stolle, Cat Head


From the web: "This localized, detailed, and lively guidebook to blues music in Mississippi recommends following by car ‘a rough circle beginning and ending in Memphis’ for a comprehensive tour. With maps, specific directions, and succinct historical tidbits, Cheseborough describes blues venues as well as points of special interest. A recommended listening section completes the picture." - Publishers Weekly. "Providing excellent maps and driving instructions... Along the way, Cheseborough provides details on the towns, homes, and grave sites of famous blues musicians, buildings where they played, radio stations, sites of music festivals, and current clubs and restaurants that feature the music. Essential." - Library Journal

Blues Traveling: The Holy Sites of Delta Blues, Fourth Edition

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