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Volume 4 in Jack White's stellar reissue series of Charley Patton's finest. In case you don't know, Patton was the first important Mississippi Delta bluesman.  He recorded prolifically, really sold records and influenced everyone who followed — from Howlin' Wolf to Big Damn Band.


This volume includes some of Patton's very best. Oh, and full disclosure: These tracks are taken from 1920s/30s shellac 78-rpm discs, so yes, there will be a little bacon frying in the background (at least in my mind).


Side 1
  1. Dry Well Blues
  2. Some Summer Day - Part 1
  3. Moon Going Down
  4. Bird Nest Bound
  5. Jersey Bull Blues
  6. High Sheriff Blues
  7. Stone Pony Blues
  8. Yellow Bee

Side 2
  1. Mind Reader Blues
  2. 34 Blues
  3. Love My Stuff
  4. Revenue Man Blues
  5. On Death
  6. Troubled 'Bout My Mother
  7. Poor Me
  8. Hang It on the Wall

Charley Patton "Complete..." LP

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