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Dutch businessman — and EXTREME music fan — Theo "Boogieman" Dasbach had a lifelong plan. Upon his retirement from a career that moved him from The Netherlands to New York City, he would settle in Memphis, TN, and bring his Holland-based hobby, the Rock 'N Roll Museum, with him. Then, he made a fateful pilgrimage to Clarksdale, MS — not the sleepy ghosttown he'd visited years before but the re-energized blues mecca of modern times. Shifting plans dramatically, he looked at a vintage downtown property and then next day put money down on what would soon become Clarksdale's fabulous Rock & Blues Museum. This is Theo's story of his epic journey, jam-packed museum and amazing blues friends. Local musicians included in the award-winning, full-length documentary include T-Model Ford, Super Chikan and Watermelon Slim among others. Recommended. (My description for Theo's museum? "It's a crazy Dutchman's lifelong obsessive collection assembled chronologically in homemade cases!" By the way, the museum is currently for sale, so if interested, please email me for Theo's info. - Roger Stolle, Cat Head


From the web: Cheesehead Blues is a film by Jan Doense featuring the music of T-Model Ford, Super Chikan, Bill “Howl-n-Madd” Perry, Liz Mandeville, Sean “Bad” Apple, Deak Harp and others/ This highly entertaining documentary centers on the life of Theo “Boogieman” Dasbach, a native of the Netherlands who’s been running the Rock-‘n’-Blues Museum out of a storefront in Clarksdale, Miss., for the past six years. But it also serves as an in-depth study into the minds of residents – both locally born and emigres – who are working at a grassroots level to keep the blues alive at the place of its birth. - Blues Blast Magazine

Cheesehead Blues: Adventures of a Dutchman in the Mississippi Delta

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