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When you live in a the Mississippi Delta, it is not unusual to know folks who go by names like Mr. Tater, Big/LIttle [insert a first name or initial], T-Model, Po Monkey, Pickle, Wine, etc., it should come as no surpise that a folk-artist/bluesman walking through Walmart hears shouts of, "Hey, Super Chikan!" from his friends and neighbors. James "Super Chikan" Johnson was born in nearby Darling, Mississippi, but he's Clarksdale blues all the way. He grew up with famous blues uncles Big Jack Johnson and Big George Brock, so he had to figure out his own sound and style. He did it in spades. Cool CD includes a tip of the hat to Clarksale-native Ike Turner on the song "El Camino." - Roger Stolle, Cat Head


Fat Possum Records.

James "Super Chikan" Johnson: What You See

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