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Very cool book. This is field recordist George Mitchell's photographic record of unprecedented musical discovery and the geniuses of Mississippi's Hill Country blues. Mitchell conducted field research and recorded blues musicians from the 1960s into the 1980s in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. He also produced blues concerts, festivals, and television programs.


"'Mississippi Hill Country Blues 1967' reminds me of fond memories I have of George and me roaming the Mississippi Delta looking for blues singers in the early 1960s. Anybody who has any interest in blues at all should love this book. For me it felt like reading a grand and compassionate adventure. This is an important work the way it preserves the thoughts and music of some wonderful individuals. You feel you come to know them through their thoughts and beautiful music. I always know a great read by the way it stays with you long after you've finished and that's the way this book is. You'll love and appreciate it." - Charlie Musselwhite, Mississippi bluesman (and Clarksdale property owner!)

Mississippi Hill Country Blues 1967

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