ULTRA RARE! Ok, so my buddy and co-producer Jeff Konkel (Broke & Hungry Records) and I never quite got around to taking our 10-episode (and I'll add, somewhat monumental!) "Moonshine & Mojo Hands: The Mississippi Blues Series" web-TV show to DVD — "officially," anyway. That said, we did run off some promo 3-episode DVDs for a blues-themed marathon, and I found a box of leftover "overs," so... Buy 'em while you can.


Or... frankly, you can see all 10 episodes for FREE at www.moonshineandmojohands.com... and then perhaps just buy something else from the Cat Head Web Store.  :)


(Note: This is 1 DVD. Front and back are shown in pic.)

"Moonshine & Mojo Hands" DVD (3 episodes)