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"I first met David at his father Junior Kimbrough's infamous Chulahoma, Mississippi, juke joint back in the 1990s. David had spent a stretch at Parchman Farm and seemed a bit intense, so I wasn't sure what to think of him at first. By the end of the evening, he had sold me his CD for 20 bucks (a bit overpriced in 1996!) and kept a scary dude from messing with me ('oh, he's just crazy, that's all'). That CD was recorded under his mother's last name Malone ('I Got the Dog in Me'), and you should buy it if you can find a used copy. Anyway, after I moved to Clarksdale in 2002, I began booking David for the occasional club show and ultimately on over a decade of Juke Joint Festivals (plus a particularly memorable King Biscuit Blues Symposium where he... uh, feeling no pain... told tales of The Stones visiting his dad's epic juke). I didn't see him regularly or know him super well, but we (and many of y'all) were absolutely friends. As blues photographer Bill Steber said at David's funeral in 2019, 'David would put his arm around you, start whispering and make you part of the conspiracy.' That's how he was — instantly a close, personal friend. Such a sweet guy and natural musician. He is missed both as a hu-man and a blues-man, so it is fabulous to have this album  suddenly appear from beyond the grave. RIP to our late friend." - Roger Stolle, Cat Head.

Official description:
David Kimbrough Jr., son of the legendary Junior Kimbrough and passed away on July 4th 2019, was absolutely one of the most talented Blues musicians in his age who inherited and developed the musical tradition of his father, Cotton Patch Soul Blues. This record, "Say You Don't Love Me: The Last Recordings of David Kimbrough Jr." is literally his last field recording works with Dolceola Recordings, a music label focusing on documenting American traditional music in analog field recording with a portable reel-to-reel Ampex 601 and a ribbon microphone RCA 77DX. Recorded at his house in Holly Springs Mississippi, October 2017, the album includes some of Junior Kimbrough's master pieces such as "Meet Me in the City", "Done Got Old" and "Lord Have Mercy on Me", David Kimbrough Jr.'s own compositions, and a previously unpublished song written by Junior Kimbrough, "Say You Don't Love Me".

NEW! David Kimbrough "Say You Don't Love Me" CD

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