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"This is Son House at his peak, this is one to savor and cherish. It will likely become his legacy recording." - Glide Magazine.


"Forever On My Mind was recorded in the fall of 1964 (ahead of 1965 rediscovery album) and never released. Features first-time-on-record title track Forever On My Mind, plus never-heard recordings of Death Letter and Preachin’ Blues.


On the evening of June 23, 1964, a red Volkswagen Beetle bearing three blues enthusiasts arrived in Rochester, N.Y. The young men were following a trail of clues in their search of a legend, and they found him sitting on the steps of an apartment building at 61 Greig Street.


'This is him,' Son House said.


Born Eddie James House, Jr., near Clarksdale in Lyon, Mississippi in 1902, Son House at that time had not played music for more than two decades. But the re-release of his early work — commercial 78s issued by Paramount Records in 1930 and two field recordings by Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress in 1941-42 — by Origin Jazz Library and Folkways Records had excited fresh interest in a growing community of blues aficionados.


Within months of his rediscovery by Dick Waterman (who became House’s manager and handler), Nick Perls and Phil Spiro, the once-obscure 62-year-old musician was thrust into the public eye by a story in Newsweek magazine and a series of performances at folk music festivals and college campuses around the country.


Forever On My Mind, the new album of previously unreleased Son House recordings from Easy Eye Sound, the independent label operated by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, is the premiere release from Waterman’s personal cache of ’60s recordings by some of the titans of Delta blues. His collection of quarter-inch tapes — which are being restored to remarkable clarity by Easy Eye Sound — have gone unreleased until now." - Rock And Blues Muse.

NEW! Son House - Forever On My Mind LP

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