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"Merchants on Issaquena: Avenue of the Blues in Mississippi" by Margery Kerstine (w/photography by Terry Thompson).

Fantastic book unveils a map showing the location of Clarksdale’s NEW WORLD SALOON in 1892. Kerstine’s Enterprises launches a comprehensive history of Issaquena Avenue. Margery Kerstine’s Deep South history, resplendent with illustrations and maps depicts a building tour which shows one of the many hidden worlds you can find traveling the southern United States. Her detailed written history of the area makes one of the best southern memoirs of minority communities who found a home together over a century ago. Kerstine takes you back to bustling Saturday night crowds, bluesy Issaquena musicians, and crowded stores and cafés. Untold anecdotes from over fifty immigrant merchants, their children and friends are included in the tour of twenty-three buildings.

LOCAL! Merchants of Issaquena Avenue book

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