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From back cover:


Juke joint—two words often used, often abused. They convey an inherent promise of something real, edgy, from another time. All juke joints are blues clubs, but not all blues clubs are jukes. Here, artist recollections and insights delve below the murky surface to tell the tales, canonize the characters and explain the special brand of blues bottled in these quasi-legal establishments. Author Roger Stolle works from the inside to educate and entertain with a mix of history, anecdote and discovery. It’s a wild ride.


Customer reviews from social media:

"I stayed up all night reading it. What a treat! I cried, I laughed, I reminisced. Your recollections mingled with the quotes and photographs touched me deeply."

"Beautifully written, humorous, and very informative... a terrific book."

"It’s another belter! Everyone should grab a copy. Great book!"

"Highly enjoyed! Had a great laugh over the travel stories."

"Great read, really appreciative to have a book that includes written accounts of the juke scene and its various characters. Great job."

"A fun book. Enjoyed the stories about the 'geeses' and the microwave."

"Just finished... another GREAT book with plenty of behind the scenes stories... you sure have a way with words my friend. You done good, as some would say."

"Really enjoying! Been reading it in very small doses because I don’t want it to end! Well done, and thank you."

NEW! Mississippi Juke Joint Confidential signed by Roger Stolle

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