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I first met RL Boyce in his front yard in Como, Mississippi, with my blues buddy Jeff Konkel (Broke & Hungry Records) via blues musician Lightnin' Malcolm. A Hill Country blues jam soon turned into a moonshine-fueled yard party. Later, Jeff and I returned in an attempt to capture the music and mayhem of RL's infamous blues yard party happenings for both our "M for Mississippi" and "Moonshine & Mojo Hands" film projects (the later of which ended with tires and a sofa on fire). We talked about doing an album on RL but never got around to it. Fortunately, someone did. Crazy thing is... this "Roll & Tumble" CD took RL to the Grammy Awards... up against some little Brit band called... what was it? Oh, yeah... The Rolling Stones(!!). Crazier still... The Stones won. Oh well, Keith Richards' liver has nothing on RL. - Roger Stolle (Cat Head)

RL Boyce "Roll & Tumble" CD

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