OUT-OF-PRINT CLASSICS REISSUED BY THE CHIKAN HIMSELF! It's always a great day in Clarksdale, Mississippi, when one James Johnson aka Super Chikan struts through the door at my Cat Head store. It usually means one of three things: 1. He wants to check on the status of a gig. 2. He just built some kind of fantastical homemade musical instrument out of a toolbox or gas can. 3. Or, and this is my favorite, he has a new song idea that he wants to bounce off me... rapping it out like blues-fueled barnyard poetry. That was the case with at least one song on every album he's recorded since Cat Head opened its doors in 2002. Chikan is a man amongst big blues birds. Pick up his CDs, and see him whenever and wherever you can, y'all.

BIO: https://arts.ms.gov/folklife/artist.php?dirname=johnson_james


Rooster JuiceFree RangeTwerk ItTired of the BluesIn the Mean TimeWork TrainTake Me in Your KitchenBlood, Fight and WoozeThe Untold StorySymptoms of a True BluesmanTelavivAfrican Style

Super Chikan "Organic Chikan" CD