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OUT-OF-PRINT CLASSICS REISSUED BY THE CHIKAN HIMSELF! It's always a great day in Clarksdale, Mississippi, when one James Johnson aka Super Chikan struts through the door at my Cat Head store. It usually means one of three things: 1. He wants to check on the status of a gig. 2. He just built some kind of fantastical homemade musical instrument out of a toolbox or gas can. 3. Or, and this is my favorite, he has a new song idea that he wants to bounce off me... rapping it out like blues-fueled barnyard poetry. That was the case with at least one song on every album he's recorded since Cat Head opened its doors in 2002. Chikan is a man amongst big blues birds. Pick up his CDs, and see him whenever and wherever you can, y'all.


Freddy's Thang
Crystal Ball Eyes
Hookin' Up
Yard Boy Blues
Mexico City
November Nights
Full Moon Blues
Peter Truck
Crying About The Blues
Love Cruiser
Coochie Daddy

Super Chikan "Sum Mo" CD

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