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James Lewis Carter Ford aka "T-Model" was born and raised in Mississippi. He had an abusive father and came up the hard way... spent 2 years on a Tennessee chain gang for killing a man ("He cut me first!," noted Ford)... didn't start playing guitar till 58 years old when his fifth wife left him... was ultimately married 6 times... had at least 26 kids... toured the world more than you and me combined... played my Cat Head store dozens of times... and made it to possibly 93 years old. I can't imagine what he would have had to sing about?!? He recorded several great CDs, but in my estimation, this one best captures the man, the music, the myth. As he often said of his own juke joint performanc, "Good stuff, good stuff." - Roger Stolle, Cat Head


Fat Possum Records (Oxford, MS).

T-Model Ford: She Ain't None of Your'n

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