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Delta blues legend David "Honeyboy" Edwards was always a favorite of mine, so it was bittersweet to find out upon his passing at 96 years old that his final public performance in life was at my Cat Head blues store after one of our epic Juke Joint Festival's. This book provides not only a first-hand account of Honeyboy's "Zelig"-like life (he was everywhere, with everyone) but also an amazing description of what the Mississippi Delta and its assorted blues characters were really like. He puts you there — a fly on the wall. Highly recommended. - Roger Stolle, Cat Head


From the web: "A valuable record of a way of life that has all but disappeared." - Washington Post. "Magnificent! I’ve been waiting for this book since I was a kid." - Taj Mahal. "The most central contribution to blues history." - Boston Globe. "A deeply moving of the last true country blues musicians...[a]story of a troubadour and of survival." - Studs Terkel

The World Don't Owe Me Nothing: The Life and Times of Honeboy Edwards

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